What can the damned really say to the damned?

Overdriven in Gainesville 1/11/14 (live solo EP by Alex Reed)


Free to stream, less than five bucks to download.

1.The Sweet Loud Sound (live) 04:50

2.The Conqueror of England (live) 03:11

3.I’ll Go Back in Time With a Camera (live) 04:25

4.Growing Up Is a Trap (live) 03:49

5.Stowaway (live) 03:57

6.A Recovered Film (live) 04:15

7.Without Faith (live) 03:13

This seven-song set was recorded live at Loosey’s in Gainesville, Florida, on January 11, 2014. Sound quality and performance are a shaky in spots, but what do you want from a live album recorded with a single microphone? (Thanks, btw, to James Young for supplying some additional audio on this.) 

This was the first ever live performance of nearly every song in the set; most will receive a proper studio version in time, but for now, this is what I can offer. 

Meredith Collins took the cover photo. Mac Watson organized the show.

released 23 April 2014

Everyone should buy this. I was there and it was phenomenal.